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 Grobag 1tog 0-6mth Magenta Ribbons



CategoryFIRST Sleep
GROBAG 0-6 Months Magenta Ribbons 1togrnrnManufacturer's rnProduct Information:rn*100% rnwoven cotton outer rnwith applique and rnembroidery rndetails*100% rnsuper-soft cotton rnjersey rnlining*Quick-dry rnpolyester filling on rnthe 2.5 tog (1.0 tog rnis 100% cotton rnthroughout)*0-6 rnmth size has rnshoulder and rnunderarm poppers rnplus a side/bottom rnzip with zip-click rnand can be opened rnout flat for easy rnnight-time nappy rnchanges*6-18 mth rnand 18-36 mth sizes rnhave front zips with rnzip-rnclicks*Available rnin 2.5 tog and 1.0 rntog warmth rnratings*Availablrne in 0-6 mth, 6-18 rnmth and 18-36 mth rnsizes*Machine rnwashable and can be rntumble dried on low rnheat*Includes rnFREE Nursery rnThermometer with 0-6 rnand 6-18 mth sizes, rnuser guide and safe rnsleep rninformation*Britrnish Standard rnapprovedWhat rnshould my baby wear rnunder a Grobag Baby rnSleep Bag? rnWhat your baby rnwears will depend on rnthe tog of Grobag rnBaby Sleep Bag and rnthe temperature of rnyour baby's rnbedroom. (In the rnsame way as you rnwould adjust rnnightclothes and rnnumber of blankets). rnPlease remember, rnthough, that babies rnare all different rnand, just as with rnblankets and sheets, rnyou will soon rndiscover what your rnbaby is most rncomfortable wearing. rnPlacing your fingers rnon your baby's rnchest is the best rnindicator of whether rnthey are too hot/too rncold/just right as rnbabies hands often rnfeel cool.rnWhat size Grobag rnBaby Sleep Bag rnshould I buy?rnThe 0-6 month rnsize is suitable rnfrom when your baby rnis 8.8lb (4kg),rnThe 6-18 month rnsize is suitable rnfrom when your baby rnis 18lb (8.1 kg) and rnis generously sized rnso may easily last rnuntil your baby is rnbetween 18 and 24 rnmonths.Our rn18-36 month size is rnsuitable from when rnyour toddler weighs rn25lb (11.4kg) and rnmany toddlers are rnstill wearing their rnGrobags well after rnthe age of 3.
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