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 Gro suit with padded arms Little Star 9-12mths



CategoryFIRST Sleep

Gro Suit rnwith padded arms rn(twin pack) - rnNEWrn

Product rnInformation

rnThe Gro-suit has rnbeen specially rndesigned to be used rnwith a Grobag Baby rnSleep Bag in colder rntemperatures.rnrn

The rnBritish Safety rnStandard dictates a rnbaby sleeping bag rnshould not have rnsleeves to allow rnventilation. The rngro-suit allows you rnto follow the rnbritish safety rnstandard, whilst rnstill keeping your rnbaby's arms warm.rn

The rnquilted sleeves rnwill keep your rnbaby's arms warm, rnwith no need for rnadditional bedding rnor layers.rn

rnQuilted rnsleeves for cosy rnarmsSingle rnlayer on areas that rnare underneath the rnGrobag to minimise rnthe risk of baby rnoverheatingPopprner for easy rnchangesComfortarnble stretchy rncollarTwin rnpack100% super-rnsoft jersey rncottonQuick-dry rnpolyester filling rnon armsCan be rnused with any baby rnsleep bag without rnarmsGro suits rnare intended for rnuse in cold weather rnin room rntemperatures of 18 rndegrees or under rn(65F) and are most rnsuited for use with rna 2.5tog sleeping rnbag. (Always make rnsure you are rncomfortable with rnyour baby's rntemperature).rnThe product rnpacket gives rnguidance on what rnclothing should be rnworn depending on rnthe temperature rn(this is for rnguidance only, rnproper checks rnshould always be rncarried out by rnyourself)SIZING rnGUIDE

0-3M rn4.5 - 6.7kg and 52-rn62cm rnTall

3-6M rn6.7 - 8.1kg and 62-rn68cm rnTall

6-9M rn8.1 - 9.1kg and 68-rn74cm rnTall

9-12M rn9.1 - 9.9kg and 74-rn80cm rnTall

Please rnemail First Child rnSafety for further rndetails.

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