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 Delphin Child Swimming Discs



CategoryFIRST Swim
Manufacturer's Product Information

Worldwide patented learning system for non-swimmers! 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. I can swim!

The flexible armholes will fit the arms of any child and make putting the discs on and taking them off again a quick and easy matter.

Once the child feels relatively safe in the water and starts making the first swimming motions, you can take off one disc per arm as a “reward“.

The next step should be switching from two discs per arm to just one.

This system has a clever psychological effect and with some patience and feeling by parents the child should soon learn to swim without any swimming aids at all. The child is given the opportunity to be independent and can thus decide by when he or she wants to start to “swim freely".

1 or 2 discs per arm increase safety for unconfident swimmers at the seaside and on lakes and mean that longer distances can be covered.

Children should never be left alone without adult supervision.

3 Swim Discs (per arm) - for beginners (Basic equipment suitable for up to 60kg)

Free, unobstructed movement of arms and body thanks to concentric, flexible armholes.

Soft, skin-friendly polyethylene foam.

Lightweight and easy to put together and take apart thanks to toggles and holes.

Safer than inflatable armbands.

No functional failure when damaged.

No loss of buoyancy through punctures thanks to closed cell foam structure.

Ready to use, no inflating necessary!

No toxic plasticizers

No phthalates

No naphthalene

EN13138-1: 2008

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