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 Baby Bed Blocks



CategoryFIRST Sleep
Gro Spacebabies Baby Bed Blocks

Product Information:

When your little one has the snuffles, try raising the head end of their cot with these handy stackable blocks.

Supplied in a pack of six so that you can choose the most comfortable height for baby - much safer (and easier) than using telephone directories!


Pack of six - 2 blue, 2 yellow and 2 green blocks
Bed blocks can be used individually or stacked to raise cot to a maximum height of 10cm
Suitable for cot legs with a diameter of less than 7cm

Safety First:

Warning! Baby Bed BlocksŪ are not a replacement for medical care or advice but a complementary measure for mild afflictions. Please be aware that children turn in their sleep, and their head can end up at the bottom of the slope. Do not allow your child to play with the Baby Bed BlocksŪ when placed in position.

Please email First Child Safety for further details.
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